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Aubameyang: Barcelona was highlight of my career

Aubameyang cherishes FC Barcelona, joining during challenges, showcasing resilience, expressing love for the Blaugrana in statements, citing impactful contributions.

The 34-year-old Gabonese forward, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, had a brief but significant six-month stint with FC Barcelona, leaving an lasting mark in the hearts of Barcelona fans.

Auba arrived in Catalonia during the winter transfer market of 2022, a historic signing window that played a crucial role in stabilizing the team during challenging times.

Despite joining at a point when his career at Arsenal was at a low, the attacker calmly made his way to Can Barça, dispelling the shadows that surrounded him. Despite the club’s decision to part ways with him after acquiring Lewandowski in the summer of 2022, both the player and supporters fondly remember the half-season that transpired.

Aubameyang spent only half of a season at Barcelona

Indeed, the player greatly valued his time in Barcelona. Even though he currently wears the colors of Olympique de Marseille, his words show a intense connection with the spirit of Barça. He said: “I Think that my six months in Barcelona were the most beautiful stage of my career. I enjoyed so much playing parties and training that it was used to to go to train in my free days”.

Although the forward didn’t particularly stand out for teamwork, the Gabonese player made an unmistakable impact by ensuring goals, with special value placed on the 13 he scored. Through his contributions, the Catalans strengthened their position as runners-up and started on an impressive unbeaten streak, including the memorable 4-0 victory over Real Madrid, where Aubameyang played a key role as one of the protagonists.

While reflecting on the team’s uncertain situation when the club officially announced his signing on the last day of transfers, fans persist in praising the 33-year-old player for playing a crucial role in Barcelona’s recovery, willingly accepting reduced wages, and, most importantly, for filling a significant void in an attack that needed adjustment.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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