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La Liga responds to controversial criticism from Perez

La Liga has formally responded to the controversial criticism that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez leveled at the organization.

During the Real Madrid annual general gathering this month, Perez vehemently criticized the Spanish top-flight’s governing body in a fierce tirade.

In his speech, the Real Madrid president firmly criticized La Liga leadership, specifically accusing President Javier Tebas of overpaying and granting a pay increase.

These comments are part of a long-running dispute between Perez and Tebas, with the latter being a major critic of the former’s previous push to form a European Super League.

Tebas refuted Perez’s remarks, claiming that they are false. He claimed that Real Madrid’s limited representation within La Liga administration is a result of their insufficient support from the representatives.

La Liga has intervened, largely supporting Tebas’ account of events. In an official statement, they described Perez’s speech as ‘riddled with falsehoods and lacking foundation.’ However, they have not indicated any plans to take legal action against Real Madrid president at this stage.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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