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Sociedad keeper Alex Remiro opens up about his pre-match routine

Real Sociedad goalkeeper Alex Remiro has received a call-up to the Spain national team, joining the growing list of players from the Txuri-Urdin club who have earned international recognition. Remiro attributes this achievement to the influence of his club.

La Real has been in outstanding form this season, comfortably progressing through the group stages of the Champions League and maintaining a strong challenge in La Liga. When asked about their success, Remiro revealed to Relevo that the club’s secret lies in their Zubieta academy, which has produced 16 players currently in the first team.

“The secret is Imanol, Zubieta, how they train… During the week we kill ourselves, we train a lot and we believe in that way of working, of trying to be the best from Monday to Friday. Then the competition decides, but from Monday to Friday we try to be the best. The club has been working with that philosophy practically since the president, Jokin (Aperribay), came in. This has been transferred to Roberto Olabe, Imanol and everyone who works at Zubieta, that we have to be the best on a daily basis because then we will be great on the weekend. It is a base.”

Inigo Martinez has addressed the importance of bringing mental health discussions into the forefront, a topic that Remiro has also previously discussed. As footballers face increasing levels of online abuse, Remiro was questioned about whether it was a misstep for players to create distance from fans as a means of self-protection.

Remiro praised the people of San Sebastian for their hospitality

“It is not the right thing to do, given the times we are in. On social networks you have the ease of sending a message to your followers, to the people who are interested in you. We have a very important speaker and we have a small responsibility to do it in a good way. It is a mistake to distance yourself, due to what happens when you make a mistake. We have a small responsibility that we must assume and always set an example, be close to the little ones because we were once them too.”

He was also highly complementary of the way the people in Donostia-San Sebastian treat their footballers though too.

“The environment of the city and how the fans treat us… They are very respectful, they are not at all intrusive and they always wait for us to be in a good moment to approach us or send us a message of support, to interact with us. It is a spectacular city. For example, with Mikel Oyarzabal, with Ander Guevara, with my partner or with my family, on match days I always have breakfast in a normal cafeteria with everyone. Sometimes people stay… I’ve been doing this for five years. And they tell you ‘but you’re just about to play’. And I… ‘Yeah, yeah, but it’s no big deal.’ That naturalness that the city and the fans give us is appreciated.”

The players of Real Sociedad have not yet felt the burden of the high standards set by the club in recent years. Despite having a young squad, Real Sociedad has consistently improved year after year. This is evident from the significant number of their players who now represent the Spanish national team.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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