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Lamine Yamal on Robert Lewandowski incident: ‘These are things that happen’

Robert Lewandowski appeared to reject a high-five from Lamine Yamal, which left some fans disappointed with the Polish striker’s gesture.

Robert Lewandowski clarified that the incident with Lamine Yamal during Barcelona‘s match against Alaves was a “nothing incident,” and there is no animosity between them. Yamal also affirmed this when asked about it after Spain’s victory over Cyprus, where he scored a goal:

“He’s already explained it. These are things that happen on the field. Like with any teammate, we get along very well and there is a very good atmosphere in the dressing room.”

Tensions can rise on the football pitch, even among teammates, but Barcelona is not overly concerned about the recent incident involving Lewandowski and Yamal. The club hopes that everyone involved will move past the incident.

Alex Lundy
Alex Lundy
A lifelong football fan, Alex loves to dabble in its history, especially FIFA World Cup. But his love for sports doesn't end at football since he loves watching NBA and Formula1 too. Reading novels and watching classic films takes the rest of his time.


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