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Dani Vivan: ‘There are many days where you are broken’

Athletic Club defender Dani Vivian delivered an emotional speech during an event organized by Gazte Change last week.

Athletic Club defender Dani Vivian shared his experiences and insights during an event organized by Gazte Change last week. The event, held in conjunction with the World Day of Infancy and Adolescence, focused on success. Vivian, 24, spoke passionately about the significance of reaching his goals and realizing his dreams.

Despite becoming a regular starter for Athletic in the last two seasons, Dani Vivian acknowledged the inevitable highs and lows that come with professional football.

“I’m there but there have been very hard days. What I am talking to you is not about a day, nor a week, nor a month. I am talking about many seasons, but a season is very long and in that season you have all the sensations, from the best to the worst, you suffer and you get angry. There are many days when you are broken, but those days when you are broken and you have something to do, that day when you don’t want to do it because you can’t do it anymore, you do it. Another day when you are in the same situation again, you do it again. Because I am fighting for my dreams and no one can stop me.”

Dani Vivian: I try to have real dreams

Vivian’s speech, lasting around five minutes, concluded with a quote from Nelson Mandela, adding a touch of inspiration to his message.

“There is a quote from Nelson Mandela that says ‘I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul’ and for me the path is as important as the destination and yes, of course I have dreams but I try to have real dreams, not fleeting dreams and how do I get to those dreams, weññ through day to day work, through the journey.”

Dani Vivian’s words shed light on the remarkable dedication required of elite athletes, emphasizing the challenges and pressures they face from a young age. While the rewards of a football career are substantial, the sacrifices and struggles are often unseen by the public.

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