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Isco hired private security after serious family threats

Isco had to hire private security because his family faced “very serious threats” when he left Sevilla.

Isco joined Sevilla from Real Madrid in the summer of 2022 but left the club after just a few months. Both parties agreed to terminate the contract mutually due to a final incident. Isco claims he was assaulted by the then-Sporting Director Monchi during an altercation.

Sevilla fans were extremely angry with Isco when he left the club. Their frustration grew even more when he signed with their arch-rivals, Real Betis, earlier this year. The situation reached its peak right after Isco’s departure, as his fiancée Sara Salamo revealed to El Mundo.

“He made the decision not to speak out (on the incident with Monchi), because he didn’t feel prepared at the time and he didn’t want to hurt the team. He didn’t do it until the person he had a conflict with left Sevilla. As in this society, the focus is always on the victim (for not talking) instead of on the aggressor (for assaulting). We were singled out, and the consequence was very serious threats against my children and me, to the point of having to hire private security.”

It’s really disheartening that Isco and his family faced such abuse and threats after he left Sevilla. The positive side is that things seem to be improving for him at Real Betis, where he is well-loved.

Alex Lundy
Alex Lundy
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