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Dani Olmo: ‘Real Madrid and Atletico are the only ones’

Dani Olmo assesses the La Liga and Champions League competition, stating, “Real Madrid and Atletico are the only ones.”

RB Leipzig playmaker Dani Olmo, gearing up to face Real Madrid in the Champions League in just over a month, expressed that his team will stay true to their identity in the match. Despite this, as a keen observer of La Liga, Olmo has made an interesting observation about the Spanish league.

In an interview with Marca, Dani Olmo was questioned about whether the slower pace of the game in La Liga bored him compared to the Bundesliga, which often emphasizes counter-attacks.

“They are different leagues. Spain is more tactical, more of a positional game, while in Germany they attack spaces more. In LaLiga, for example, except for Real Madrid and Atletico, which play you in both ways (positional and counter-attacking), there is not much in terms of counter-attacks. In Germany, there is. You have to pay close attention to the transitions, regardless of the team.”

Dani Olmo: Diego Forlan was my favorite player

He was inquired whether he preferred the positional play of Real Madrid or the counter-attacking style, eliciting a laugh from him.

“You have to keep an eye on both of them! In static, they have top world players, like Kroos or Modric. Luka is one of my favourites. And up top, they have fast players, who kill you in space, like ‘Vini’, Rodrygo… We have to be careful when we have the ball and when we don’t… and be attentive for the 90 minutes.”

Dani Olmo has consistently been unique in his career choices, departing La Masia at 15 to join Dinamo Zagreb. Despite coming of age during the Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi era, his favorite forward was Diego Forlan.

“When I was little I played as a pure striker and I also had long blonde hair, a mane. And I liked to shoot with both feet, right and left, like Diego. That’s why I liked him so much.”

Dani Olmo is unquestionably one of Leipzig’s most formidable players for Real Madrid to handle. With Real Madrid facing defensive shortages for the upcoming match, and considering Leipzig’s victory over Real Madrid in the Champions League group stages last season, Olmo becomes a significant threat. Additionally, he cited Andres Iniesta and Luka Modric as two of his role models.

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