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Javier Tebas makes fun of European Super League’s relaunch

With new plans for the Super League revealed, La Liga chief Javier Tebas chooses to ridicule their plans rather than be intimidated

Javier Tebas thinks European League organizers are trying “to fool” fans with the announcement of their new plans.

Tebas unimpressed with European Super League’s new plans

Javier Tebas thinks that European Super League only serves the richest clubs and plans to make them even richer. According to Tebas the new rules for an expanded Super League is just a ploy to “fool” fans.

“The Super League is the wolf, who today disguises himself as a granny to try to fool European football,” Tebas wrote on Twitter, “but HIS nose and HIS teeth are very big.

“Four divisions in Europe? Of course the first for them, as in the 2019 reform. Government of the clubs? Of course only the big ones.”

A similar comment was made by La Liga’s Twitter account as well, saying: “The Super League is the wolf in the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

“It is disguising itself as an open and meritocratic competition, but underneath there is still the same selfish, elitist and greed-driven project. Don’t let their tales fool you.”

The new ‘improved’ plans for the Super League driven by the A22 group, led by CEO Bernd Reichart, is likely to have several tiers to it, expanding up to 80 teams.

One of the major players in the league is Barcelona and its president Laporta, who talked about the new plans on Thursday.

“It is progressing. It will be an attractive, sustainable competition, respectful of the health of the players.” Laporta said.

“What we want is for the dialogue with UEFA not to break, and to harmonise with the national leagues. We must establish a deeper debate to coexist with the domestic leagues, as the Champions League coexists with the leagues.

“All to the point that the promoters of the Super League will have the right to organise competitions. It evolves. It is in progress.

“We are committed to the Super League project and to the sustainability of European football. We cannot compete with domestic clubs, nor with the Premier League, which allocates seven billion to the competition… there are comparative grievances.

“What commits us is the sustainability of football. We are three big clubs and we don’t want to leave UEFA aside. It will be done in agreement with UEFA. We are not going through the path of rupture, we are going through the path of dialogue.”

However, the backlash from the fans still seems to be there as the Football Supporters Association, which represents fans in England and Wales released a statement, which read: “The walking corpse that is the European Super League twitches again with all the self-awareness one associates with a zombie.

“They say ‘dialogue with fans and independent fan groups is essential’ yet the European Zombie League marches on – wilfully ignorant to the contempt supporters across the continent have for it.”

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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