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Deco: Barcelona won’t make any signings on the final day

Deco affirms that Barcelona will not make any signings on the last day of the winter transfer window.

Recent speculation surrounds Barcelona potentially making a winter transfer window addition, with financial considerations being the deciding factor. Reports indicate there might be room for a signing.

Sporting Director Deco affirms that Barcelona won’t make any signings before the deadline. Deco mentioned to DAZN (via Marca) before the Osasuna match that Xavi will work with the current squad for the season.

“The demands of this club make it difficult to find players with the FFP issues that we have. We’ve got a youth academy, we’re getting players back and we’ll fight with what we’ve got. We have quality with what’s in the squad.”

Xavi’s current Barcelona squad faces scarcity, worsened by ongoing injuries. Despite this, there are no plans for additional signings.

Alex Lundy
Alex Lundy
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