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Toni Kroos slams Saudi Arabia again: I was right

Real Madrid superstar Toni Kroos reaffirms his stance on Saudi Arabia with conviction, stating, “I was right.”

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos hasn’t avoided criticism regarding Saudi Arabia. Speaking to the media for the first time since playing in the Spanish Supercup in Riyadh, he stated that the behavior of the Saudi fans validated his remarks.

In the past, Toni Kroos has been critical of Saudi Arabia, highlighting concerns about human rights violations and the treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals. He recently described Gabri Veiga’s move there as embarrassing, suggesting that individuals only relocate to Saudi Arabia for financial reasons, given the low level of competition.

Throughout the two matches against Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, Toni Kroos faced whistles and boos from a largely partisan Real Madrid crowd due to his outspoken comments. After the first of those games, he mocked them on social media. When asked about the abuse from the Saudi fans and his thoughts on the reaction, Kroos responded.

“No, for me it was more or less the confirmation that what I said was right.”

Rarely hesitant to express his opinions, Toni Kroos seems unwilling to retract his stance. While he’s not the only one critical of players moving to Saudi Arabia or the situation there, few have been as outspoken as him.

Alex Lundy
Alex Lundy
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