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Javier Tebas welcomes Messi’s return to Barca but wouldn’t bend the La Liga rules for it to happen

Barcelona will need to make their move in the transfer market before La Liga changes any rules for Messi to sign, as the league is not willing to modify any regulations to facilitate his signing.

Barcelona wants to try and sign Lionel Messi. However, La Liga will not modify its rules to facilitate the transfer, despite Javier Tebas’ desire to see the superstar forward back in Spain.

Two years ago, Barca was unable to offer Messi a new contract due to financial constraints, resulting in his departure on a free transfer.

Messi’s return to Barcelona from Paris Saint-Germain has been a topic of discussion, as his initial contract in France ends after this season. However, due to Barcelona’s continued financial struggles, they are not yet in a position to bring him back to the club.

The requirement for Barcelona to raise funds and reduce wages before signing any players was emphasized by La Liga President Javier Tebas last month. The league is not willing to change its regulations, but Tebas believes that there is still a way for Messi to return to Barcelona.

“As of today, no [Barcelona cannot sign Messi], but there is a lot of time left,” Tebas said on Wednesday. “We are waiting for their viability plan [for next season].

“I hope they can make the necessary moves to make space for Messi to come in, but of course we are not going to change any rules for Messi to sign.

“Barca can make moves; they sell players. That’s what we hope happens because I am a fan of Messi and I would like Messi to play in our league.

“But we won’t change any rules. It is complicated, but I think they have the capacity to do it.”

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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