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Galtier accuses a reporter of mocking him during a press conference

Cristophe Galtier has been under pressure to deliver results as PSG’s ack of form in both Ligue 1 and Europe continues

PSG boss Cristophe Galtier lost it at a press conference when he thought a reporter was mocking him about PSG’s tactics.

Galtier calls a reporter ‘lacking a little respect’

PSG have been knocked out of the Coupe de France, beaten in Ligue 1, and now defeated by Bayern Munich at home in the Champions League. This has left their manager Cristophe Galtier under immense pressure to get the Parisennes back on track. However, the pressure might’ve gotten to the Frenchman.

PSG opted for a more defensive style of play against Bayern, which even surprised Bayern boss Nagelsmann. PSG is set to have a home game against Lille on Sunday. Galtier was asked by a reporter if he would use similar tactics he used against Bayern. This triggered the PSG Boss who interrupted the reporter.

“Are you making fun of me by asking this question?” Galtier said, interrupting the reporter.

“Do you think I was satisfied with what I saw against Bayern? No, I was not satisfied.

“My players didn’t do well. We had a game plan that was adapted to the players available. Do you think that starting Warren Zaire-Emery in such an important Champions League game under the age of 17 is something I had been working towards?

“The circumstances dictated that, and I didn’t have other options. We wanted to contain Bayern Munich, to then move into the second phase by bringing Kylian on.

“Are you making fun of me by asking this question?”

“When Kylian came on, it created more openings for Bayern, but also for us. It was a different game.

“I respect your question, but if you think that I enjoyed watching my team play that way for 60 minutes, it’s because – with a lot of respect – you are lacking a little respect.”

Galtier once again cut halfway through the reporter’s explanation, saying: “PSG have to play attacking, attractive football. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, but it has to be effective to win. If the players can put on a spectacle and entertain the fans, of course we will do that.”

If PSG fail to win their return leg of their Champions League last-16 tie against Bayern Munich, Galtier may very well be replaced with Thomas Tuchel.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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