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Mamadou Sakho quits Montpellier after allegedly knocking down coach Michel Der Zakarian

Mamadou Sakho, the former Liverpool defender, has departed from Montpellier after a confrontation with manager Michel Der Zakarian.

After the incident on October 24, in which Sakho allegedly grabbed Der Zakarian by the collar and knocked him to the ground, the France international was suspended from the team.

Montpellier, a Ligue 1 team, has officially announced that after a period of reflection, both parties have chosen to go their separate ways. After leaving the club, the 33-year-old posted a message on social media.

“You have to know how to leave the table when respect is no longer served. Following the incident that took place last week at the training centre and for which I decline all responsibility. I have decided on this day of 02/11/2023 to end my collaboration with Montpellier Herault Sports Club.” he wrote on Instagram.

Mamadou Sakho: We met as men, we leave as men

“I spent two years in this family club. I took pleasure to share my high-level experience with my teammates and my “little brothers” from the centre of training.

“At the same time, I thank them for their support as well as the medical staff without forgetting the supporters who appreciated my time at the club.”

“Thanks also to the sports director Bruno Carotti for his loyalty to me throughout my Montpellier adventure.”

“Finally, I wanted to give a special thanks to the president, Laurent Nicollin. Like his late father did before him, he heads the MHSC with the values and principles that are dear to me.”

“We met as men. We leave as men. Happy end of the season.”

Since his arrival at Montpellier in July 2021, the former France international played 49 games. But only six of those occurred after Michel Der Zakarian took over as manager in February.

Mamadou Sakho’s time at Liverpool was also marked by disciplinary problems. He was sent home from the team’s pre-season tour of the United States in July 2016. Later, he moved to Crystal Palace.

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