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PSG keeper Sergio Rico aims to make a comeback after traumatic coma

PSG goalkeeper Sergio Rico intends to make a comeback to football despite the physical challenges he faces after spending 26 days in a coma.

PSG keeper Sergio Rico was involved in an incident in May where he was struck by a horse, leading to a brain aneurysm and necessitating surgery. In a recent interview, Rico shared details of his ordeal and expressed his determination to resume his football career.

Rico told El Partidazo de COPE: “I’m looking forward to the doctor giving me a little more freedom because I feel good. I want to go back to my routine and feel like a footballer again. And I lost 20 kilos… I weighed about 92 and I stayed at 73. Now I weigh 88 kilos.

“I take it too calmly, it is not in my power. If it were in my power I would already be [back training]. I follow the orders of the doctors, who are in charge and those who have saved my life.”

Sergio Rico was involved in an accident during an annual pilgrimage in the El Rocio region of Spain. But after waking from the coma, the 30-year-old goalkeeper found it challenging to speak. According to a medical report, Rico was ‘half a centimeter’ away from death.

Additionally, Rico is focused on his recovery with the goal of making a return to the field this season. But if successful, he is expected to serve as the backup for Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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