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Ronaldo slams ‘big ego’ and ‘lame’ Ligue 1 criticisms

Laure Boulleau, a former French international, criticized Cristiano Ronaldo for his remarks about Ligue 1, alleging that the Portuguese star possesses “a significant ego.”

During the Globe Soccer Event in Dubai on Friday, Ronaldo asserted that he views the Saudi Pro League as more competitive than the French Ligue 1.

These remarks faced criticism from former Paris Saint-Germain player Boulleau, who strongly condemned the Portuguese superstar and attributed his comments to “a big ego.” She further insinuated that Ronaldo’s apparent slight towards the French top division stemmed from his rivalry with Lionel Messi, who had been playing in Ligue 1 until the 2022/23 season.

He told Canal+: “I was really surprised by his communication. Why attack Ligue 1? Because Lionel Messi played here? I asked myself why he mentioned Ligue 1 and not other leagues and I already think it’s out of his league to say that. I think he’s played in plenty of other leagues, except this one, so I think it’s a bit lame. It’s not the league he knows best.

“Frankly, you watch Saudi Pro League matches and I honestly don’t think it’s true. I think it’s a phrase of communication, of pride. He’s got a big ego. But that doesn’t stop me liking Cristiano Ronaldo very much, but I don’t like statements like that at all.”

Ronaldo scored 54 goals during 2023 for club and country

In 2023, the 38-year-old attacker departed Europe for the first time in his career, opting to join the Saudi Pro League. He experienced a noteworthy year in the Middle East, securing the title of the highest men’s goalscorer globally by scoring 54 times for both club and country throughout the calendar year. Concurrently, Messi, concluding his European stint at the end of the 2022/23 season, made a move to the United States, where he joined the Major League Soccer club Inter Miami.

In just over a week, Inter Miami will face Al-Nassr in a friendly Riyadh Cup fixture scheduled for February 1.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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