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Paris mayor furious about PSG’s ridiculous €38million offer for Parc des Princes

The mayor of Paris has criticized Paris Saint-Germain for offering a “ridiculous” amount to purchase the Parc des Princes stadium, which is owned by the city.

PSG has been leasing the stadium for the past 10 years under a 30-year agreement and is looking to own it to carry out expansion plans.

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor, stated that the French champions offered €38 million to buy the site, which she believes is too low.

In addition, PSG is reportedly showing interest in obtaining the Stade de France, which can hold up to 80,000 spectators. The club is searching for a stadium that matches its ambitious plans, as the current Parc des Princes only has a capacity of around 48,000.

Speaking to French broadcaster RFI, Hidalgo said: “We had opened the door to the possibility of selling the stadium to our club.

“It is true that in the economic model of the big clubs, they are almost all owners and of course we have look at this argument.

“To sell, you had to respect the rules, because the stadium belongs to the Parisians, it does not belong to me.

“We are in a state of law, so there are procedures and we have to set prices that must correspond to the good. The club offered €38million. I think ridiculous is the right word. There is no longer any possible path.”

Paris mayor not happy about PSG’s proposal given their financial situation

French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly had discussions with FIFA, the world’s football governing body, regarding the potential sale of the Stade de France.

While it may seem surprising for FIFA to acquire the stadium, it remains a possibility.

Anne Hidalgo stated that she does not anticipate PSG abandoning the Parc des Princes and relocating across town. She added that relinquishing a stadium, even if the president of France has opened up the possibility, would be “very complicated.”

PSG’s Qatari owners have invested heavily in the team, hiring top players and coaches, to establish the club as France’s leading team. The squad features several superstars such as Neymar, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Sergio Ramos.

Navigating local rules and regulations may not be as simple for the owners. Qatar built several magnificent stadiums for last year’s World Cup, where it wanted to showcase itself to the world, but this is a different scenario.

Hidalgo suggested that PSG might be bluffing or misunderstanding the democratic rules when it comes to considering the Stade de France as a potential new home.

She added: “Yes, it’s true that with us, stadiums don’t spring up like mushrooms, it’s true that you don’t arrive with a bundle of millions and become the buyer of any property for any conditions.”

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