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Trippier gets defensive about ten Hag’s comments about “annoying” Newcastle

Newcastle United skipper Trippier has defended Newcastle United’s style of playing after Man Utd manager called them “annoying”

Premier League veteran Kieran Trippier wasn’t too happy with the way that Manchester United boss ten Hag called playing against Newcastle “annoying.

Trippier says Newcastle knows how to ‘kill the game’

Manchester United head coach Erik ten Hag called out Newcastle United for timewasting and defensive tactics. This hasn’t sat well with Newcastle United’s captain Kieran Trippier, who expressed his frustration to the Daily Mail.

The former Atletico Madrid star said: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I have experienced it a lot in Spain.

“It’s about knowing when to slow a game down. If the opposition are having more of the ball and are on top, of course you’ve got to kill the game. You’re not going to take a quick throw-in and say, ‘Carry on’. You have to manage the game.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I have experienced it a lot in Spain.

“Some teams are not happy with us this season, but it’s about being clever in that moment, about using your experience. Opposition fans are not going to like it either, because it’s against their team. But as a neutral, I think it’s good to see. I don’t see why everyone’s kicking off about it, it’s good!”

Ten Hag admitted that Newcastle “try to annoy you” but backed his players to focus on the game itself. Despite his claims, Manchester United have 11 more yellow cards than Newcastle in the league so far.

 The two clubs will clash on Sunday. Newcastle United are looking to win a trophy after going 68 years without one, while United hasn’t won a trophy since 2017.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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