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Manchester United’s Antony sees a couple of more allegations stacked against him

Additional allegations against Manchester United winger Antony have surfaced following the domestic abuse claims that led to his exclusion from the Brazil national team.

The 23-year-old was recently left out of the Brazil squad due to accusations of physical aggression towards his former girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin, which have been reported since January and are currently under police investigation. Antony has denied these allegations.

Furthermore, Brazilian newspaper Extra has revealed that influencer and law student Rayssa de Freitas filed a police report in May 2022, accusing Antony of causing her injuries during an incident involving the player and another woman after a night out in Sao Paulo.

In addition, banker Ingrid Lana recounted to Brazil’s RecordTV that in an incident at Antony’s residence in Manchester in October 2022, he “pushed me against the wall, and I hit my head.”

Lana said that Antony “tried to have a relationship with me and I didn’t want to”, adding: “My purpose was just business. Arriving there, at his invitation, I realised that he had ulterior motives.”

Regarding the Cavallin accusations, the club had said in a statement: “Manchester United acknowledges the allegations made against Antony and notes that the police are conducting enquiries.

“Pending further information, the club will be making no further comments.

“As a club, we are taking this matter seriously, with consideration of the impact these allegations and subsequent reporting will have on survivors of abuse.”

United have not provided information regarding Antony’s eligibility for selection.

United have yet to decide on Antony allegations, but they are investigating the matter internally

In an interview with the Brazilian website UOL, during which photographs and message screenshots were also published, Cavallin alleges that Antony assaulted her with a headbutt in a Manchester hotel room on January 15, resulting in a head injury that required medical attention.

Cavallin further claims that she was struck in the chest by Antony, resulting in damage to a silicone breast implant that necessitated corrective surgery in Brazil.

Another alleged incident is reported to have occurred on May 8 at a residence, during which Cavallin states that she sustained a cut finger while trying to defend herself. She accuses Antony of throwing a glass cup at her and subsequently taking her passport.

Cavallin is said to have filed a report with the Sao Paulo Civil Police regarding allegations of physical and verbal abuse by Antony during their vacation in Brazil in June 2022, when she was pregnant. She also made a separate complaint to Greater Manchester Police.

Writing on Instagram earlier this week, Antony, who signed for United from Ajax in an £85.5million deal in September 2022, dismissed the claims as “false accusations”.

He wrote: “From the beginning I have treated this matter with seriousness and respect, providing the necessary clarifications before the police authority.

“However, I can calmly state that the accusations are false and that the evidence already produced and the other evidence that will be produced demonstrate that I am innocent of the accusations made.

“My relationship with Gabriela was tumultuous, with verbal insults from both sides, but I never committed any physical aggression.

“Therefore, I come to vehemently deny the accusations made and inform you that I remain at the entire disposal of the Brazilian authorities to clarify whatever is necessary.

“I trust that the ongoing police investigations will demonstrate the truth about my innocence.”

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