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Manchester City could be dealt even a harsher punishment than Everton!

If Manchester City is proven guilty of financial breaches, they face the risk of relegation and the potential stripping of their Premier League titles, warns finance expert Dan Plumley.

The recent precedent set by Everton, who received a historic 10-point deduction for profit and sustainability rule violations, raises questions about the severity of potential penalties for City.

Additionally, the club faced 115 financial breach charges from the Premier League in February, and Plumley emphasizes that all punitive measures are under consideration, with Everton’s substantial deduction possibly serving as a benchmark for future penalties.

When asked if City could be stripped of titles or even relegated, Plumley said: “In terms of possibility, the answer is yes. I think there is a possibility of all of those things. But all of those things were on the table before the Everton verdict as well.

“That’s what is in the Premier League’s governance framework, it’s within their remit. They deploy the sanctions. And the sanctions range from financial penalties, in terms of fines, to sporting penalties in terms of deductions, or relegation, or stripping of titles.

“All of those things are within the arc of what the Premier League can do. We’re looking for benchmarks, and we’re looking for precedent. I don’t think anything is fully off the table.”

Plumey urges Premier League to deal with cases like Manchester City in a timely fashion

The prolonged investigation into Manchester City’s financial breaches, in contrast to Everton’s swift resolution, is because of the extensive nature and multitude of charges against City, according to finance expert Dan Plumley.

Additionally, the significant volume of allegations has contributed to the extended process, with numerous cases requiring careful consideration.

“The Manchester City case is a total number of 115 allegations that the Premier League have put against them. [They are] obviously linked to a bigger time period, which is why it’s taking so long as well.

“A lot of those are due to the profit and sustainability regulations. But there are other things that are in the mix as well. And if you contrast that with Everton’s case, it’s a much longer-term list of allegations. It stretches back to the last 10 years of profit and sustainability regulations.

“But They are two very different cases. And it will be interesting to see how the Premier League. And any independent commission approach the Manchester City case versus the Everton case because the two were not like-for-like in direct comparison.”

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