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Roy Hodgson sends message to unhappy Palace fans

Roy Hodgson urged Crystal Palace supporters to remain supportive after a 2-0 home defeat against Bournemouth.

Palace faced a 2-0 home defeat against the Cherries, extending their unbeaten Premier League run to four matches. Marcos Senesi and Kieffer Moore scored headers in each half.

Palace, now in 14th place, sought points before tough fixtures against Liverpool, Manchester City, Brighton, and Chelsea. Roy Hodgson, unaware of a projectile targeting him, commented humorously afterward:

“So you mean to say there was a fan out there who doesn’t like me? That will definitely stop me sleeping.”

The Palace fan and manager addressed previous remarks made to Amazon Prime Video, suggesting Eagles supporters might be “spoiled” by recent positive results.

Roy Hodgson explained: “The fact is if I said that in the spur of the moment, to some extent there’s truth in it, yes.

“I mean we’ve punched above our weight for a number of years now. We’ve kept this team in the league for a number of years, but the fact is we are still in a situation where every game for us has got to be a fight. Every game for us has got to be street fighting.

Roy Hodgson to Palace fans: We are as sad as you are

“We need the fans of Crystal Palace as we know them, because without them it will become really, really hard for us, because the players need them, so I suppose my point, if I’m making a point at all, is don’t desert us because it’s a bad moment.

“We’re as sad as you are. We aren’t giving you what you want. If I say you’ve been spoiled, well, that’s pretty harsh. I mean, what is spoiled?

“But for me you have to remember that my relationship with the club is basically a fourth division club, a third division club, a Championship club. The first division of the football league when I was growing up was beyond my wildest dreams.

“Now it’s not. Now I think we are a bona-fide Premier League team. I think we’ve earned that right.”

Alex Lundy
Alex Lundy
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