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Premier League clubs demand City be punished faster if they’re guilty

Manchester City’s nightmare continues as Premier League clubs press the league to take action sooner if City are indeed guilty

Although taking away City’s titles would now be meaningless to some clubs, EPL clubs feel that just a fine wouldn’t have the desired effect if City are found guilty.

EPL clubs want swift action in Manchester City’s case

Despite Manchester City being “surprised” by the charges set against them, it seems that the allegation is taking more traction by the hour.

While Premier League and the Football League operate as somewhat separate entities, there have been reports that Manchester City could be expelled from the league and there is no obligation from the Football League to accept them.

Some parties feel that taking Man City’s titles away would only cause confusion and would amount to nothing while at the other end of the spectrum only fining a rich club like Man City wouldn’t have the desired effect.

It has been reported that the members of the ‘big six’ have pushed the hardest for the situation to be clear.

It seems that Lord Pannick KC is going to defend City in court as he did in their UEFA FFP appeal in 2020.

Pannick’s services don’t come cheap though, as he is reported to charge £80,000 a day, which is as same as Kevin De Bruyne makes as Man City’s highest earner.

Man City are alleged of 30 breaches in regards to assisting PL investigations from 2018 till now. They have allegedly breached PL rules in regard to profitability and sustainability 25 times as well as 8 breaches of manager remuneration. Finally, they are charged with 50 breaches of PL rules in regard to accuracy of financial information.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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