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Newcastle eyeing La Liga manager to replace Eddie Howe

Newcastle United is reportedly contemplating the possibility of replacing Eddie Howe with Girona manager Michel Sanchez.

Michel Sanchez, the Girona manager, is expected to attract significant interest at the end of the season. The Premier League’s wealthiest club has also shown interest in his impressive managerial achievements. They might consider sacking Eddie Howe if they miss out on European football.

Girona has surprised Spain this year. Entering 2024, they are tied with Real Madrid at the top of the table, just two seasons after winning promotion. Although there is no immediate indication, Michel has been mentioned as a potential long-term successor to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. Both club linked through the City Football Group.

In Barcelona, Michel has been also discussed as an alternative to Xavi Hernandez next summer. That’s in case President Joan Laporta loses confidence in him. Regardless, Girona faces a challenge in retaining Michel due to the growing interest in his managerial prowess.

Newcastle United is reportedly considering Michel Sanchez for a potential managerial role in the future. Despite Eddie Howe’s success in securing Champions League qualification last season, the team is currently facing challenges, sitting 9th in the Premier League and finishing at the bottom of their Champions League group. It is likely they miss out on European competition next season.

According to Marca, Newcastle is seriously contemplating Michel Sanchez as a potential replacement for Eddie Howe if the current manager were to lose his job. The Premier League is currently witnessing a trend of success for Spanish coaches. Three of the top four teams managed by La Liga exports.

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Alex Lundy
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