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Everton face another points deduction

Everton might face a second points deduction due to violations of the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.

According to The Athletic, both Everton and Nottingham Forest anticipate being referred to an independent commission for violating the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules, official action may be communicated to them on Monday. Everton have already hit with 10-point deduction earlier this season.

There’s a possibility of Everton facing a second points deduction or a fine, while Nottingham Forest is now also at risk of points deduction.

Everton is appealing their initial points deduction

Clubs are permitted to incur a maximum loss of £105 million ($134 million) or £35 million ($44 million) over a three-year period, Everton and Forest are anticipated to contest any sanctions imposed on them.

Everton is appealing their initial points deduction. They are expected to argue that the construction of their new Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium contributed significantly to the excess expenditure. In contrast, Forest incurred a loss of £61 million over three seasons. It is below the £105 million limit. However, their £35 million loss last season exceeds the Premier League’s limit. This may lead to their involvement in the breach of profit and sustainability rules.

Both clubs are in a precarious position and cannot afford a points deduction. Everton is currently 17th in the Premier League table with 17 points. They are just one point ahead of 18th-placed Luton. Another 10-points deduction would push Everton down to 20th.

In contrast, Nottingham Forest is in a relatively better position, sitting 15th in the Premier League table with 20 points. They currently enjoy a four-point lead over 18th-placed Luton.

The two clubs will await the official word from the Premier League. Both Everton and Nottingham Forest will then initiate strong legal challenges against any action.

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