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Premier League CEO sets a date for Manchester City’s 115-charge FFP case

The Premier League has scheduled a date for the hearing of Manchester City’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) case, which involves 115 charges.

The reigning English champions, coming off a historic Treble triumph in the 2022-23 season, are under scrutiny for their financial dealings. The investigation covers a five-year period and includes charges dating back to 2009. However, the specific date of the hearing has not been disclosed to the public.

Several other Premier League clubs, including Everton, have faced penalties related to Financial Fair Play (FFP). Everton has already incurred a 10-point deduction this season and is reportedly under investigation again. Nottingham Forest is also said to be under scrutiny, leading both clubs to prepare for potential legal challenges against the football authorities’ decisions.

Fans of clubs like Everton and Nottingham Forest, as well as supporters beyond Merseyside and the East Midlands, have raised concerns about the apparent expedited handling of their Financial Fair Play (FFP) cases. They question why their situations are being addressed quickly, especially before rule changes in August 2024, while clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea seemingly face no immediate restrictions on their spending.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters has attempted to address concerns about the handling of FFP cases but has refrained from disclosing the specific date for Manchester City’s hearing.

He says “I can” understand the frustration of Everton and Forest fans, but added on City’s case: “There is a date but I can’t tell you when it is.”

If found guilty of violating Financial Fair Play rules, Manchester City could face various sanctions, including fines and points deductions. Past instances have seen clubs receive penalties that impact their ability to compete for future domestic titles.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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