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Mamardashvili considered as De Gea’s replacement by Man United

Reports suggest that Manchester United intends to replace David De Gea with Giorgi Mamardashvili in their squad.

David De Gea had a challenging evening against Sevilla on Thursday, as the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper let in three goals, resulting in Manchester United’s elimination from the Europa League, with the third goal being the result of a significant error.

Mamardashvili’s great performances has attracted Man United

Despite ten Hag’s recent support of De Gea, club officials are speculating about replacing him as the number one goalkeeper at Manchester United this summer, as there are doubts about his ability to retain that position.

GiveMeSport reports that Giorgi Mamardashvili is one of the players who could potentially replace David De Gea.

Europe regards the Valencia goalkeeper highly, and he has displayed good form this season, despite his team’s precarious position in the La Liga table.

Manchester United has a special plan to attract Mamardashvili in the summer and if Valencia relegates from La Liga at the end of the season, Red Devils will have a great opportunity to sign him with a discounted price.

Mamardashvili will leave Valencia at the end of the season, regardless of their final league status, and the club now needs to consider finding a replacement for him.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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