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Garcia: Nothing harmful about Osimhen videos

Rudi Garcia emphasized that Napoli did not have any intention of causing harm with those TikTok Osimhen videos.

Rudi Garcia expressed his hope that Napoli can move past the recent drama after their victory against Udinese. The lead-up to this match had been fraught with tension, as there were calls from fans and media to dismiss the coach. Additionally, Osimhen’s initial outburst at Garcia over a substitution and his subsequent threat of legal action against the club due to a TikTok video mocking his missed penalty against Bologna added to the strained atmosphere.

The potential for more issues arose during the match against Udinese when Napoli was awarded a penalty. However, this time, Piotr Zielinski took the penalty instead of Osimhen. Nonetheless, Osimhen did manage to score a goal eventually, celebrating by running to the touchline and embracing Jesper Lindstrom.

Garcia: Kvara was fantastic tonight

“Don’t you worry about me, I have some experience, I’ve got broad shoulders, I’ll be fine,” smiled Garcia after the match.

“I am happy for the lads. we really enjoyed seeing this Napoli side control the game, create many chances and push harder to turn good fortune our way. For example, Kvara hit the woodwork twice, but he got the goal eventually. He was fantastic tonight, as he also earned a penalty, provided an assist, but the important thing is that he scored after all that and it means a lot about his mentality.

“Now that he has scored, I think it will take a big weight off his shoulders. I had spoken to him for a long time, told him not to think about it too much, to just enjoy his football. There are few players who can take men on the way he can, we encourage him to do that and when he plays with joy, everything is fine.

“The only negative aspect of the evening is that we conceded a goal, even if it was a great goal from Samardzic. We won at home, but importantly won the way we wanted to win.”

Osimhen Napoli

Garcia: We cleared the air, It all went back to normal

Garcia was questioned about whether he had expressed gratitude to Osimhen for scoring, celebrating with his teammates, and recovering his joy on the pitch.

“I complimented him, which is different. Since the moment I arrived, I have had a very good rapport with Victor. I am happy because he scored a goal and centre-forwards always want to score goals. He too was unlucky hitting the crossbar and upright in the last few games, but I told him to stay focused on the game.

“Technically, he provided an assist today, because I had named him as the penalty taker this evening. I do not take someone off penalty duties if they make a mistake, but he decided to give that assist to Zielinski.”

“In Bologna we were all frustrated at not winning and he was even more after missing a penalty, so that can happen. We cleared the air, it all went back to normal,” assured the coach.

Garcia: Napoli did not intend to be harmful with Victor Osimhen videos

The past four days have been incredibly tumultuous for Osimhen and Napoli. It all started with their heated argument on the touchline with Garcia during the match against Bologna. Then, the viral TikTok video mocking Osimhen’s missed penalty came into play, followed by the striker’s threats of legal action. As a result, Osimhen removed all videos and images of himself wearing the Napoli jersey from his social media profiles.

“Over the last two days there was a bit of trouble with some clumsy behaviour. Nobody wanted to be hurtful, not the TikTok with the video of Victor Osimhen, nor Victor by taking his photographs down on social media. Nobody intended to hurt anyone, these are instinctive reactions and are understandable.

“It is his social media account, he can do what he wants with it. All I can say is that he loves this jersey and will give everything for Napoli this season as well.”

The DAZN pundits suggested to Garcia that, at Napoli, he appears to spend more time addressing media and social media controversies, rather than solely focusing on his coaching role.

“I have been a coach for almost 30 years and at the start, you had to spend 80 per cent of the time working on the pitch, then 20 per cent on dealing with extra-sporting situations, what is around the players, the directors, the media. For a while now, it has been about 80 per cent that stuff and 20 per cent work on the pitch.

“This is part of the job nowadays, if you don’t like it, then you have to do something else for a living.”

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