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Mourinho claims to be Roma’s ‘safe harbor’ in difficult times

Jose Mourinho emphasized that he provides a ‘safe harbor’ for Roma players and expressed gratitude to the fans for their continued support, even after what he acknowledged as a ‘horrible’ start to the season.

Roma secured a much-needed 2-0 victory against Frosinone, coming off the back of a humiliating 4-1 defeat to Genoa on Thursday evening.

With Diego Llorente joining Chris Smalling on the treatment table, Mourinho had to deploy Bryan Cristante in central defense, and it proved effective as they kept a clean sheet against Frosinone.

Paulo Dybala played a pivotal role, providing assists for both Romelu Lukaku and Lorenzo Pellegrini goals in this 2-0 win, which helped alleviate concerns about the team’s performance.

It was a real team, and that is something I always like, against a side that has nothing to do with Serie B

“The first half we allowed a couple of good opportunities with a defensive line that is making do with a midfielder, but the unity of the team, the work of the two wing-backs, the huge effort of Bove and Paredes, while the forwards also helped off the ball,” Mourinho told DAZN.

“It was a real team, and that is something I always like, against a side that has nothing to do with Serie B. Frosinone have a lot of quality, I liked them when analysing them in the build-up and I liked them today.”

This comes after the press conference on Saturday when Mourinho expressed frustration over discussions suggesting that he was “the problem” at Roma, despite rejecting a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia just months ago.

Mourinho opens up about his future at Roma

“I explained yesterday. Three months ago, I was loved. I was wanted. I created panic with the idea I might leave. Now three months later after what I will admit is a horrible start to the season in terms of results, but which has many factors behind it…

“I knew that whether we won or not today, we would show that we are friends, we are a team, we are united. I am very, very happy that they won the game, because when you lose the way we did midweek, it is not easy. You must be emotionally balanced and have the right mentality to get on that pitch.

“Having said that, we never felt that the fans were against the team. The support when we were on the bus and in the stadium was extraordinary.

I have always been a safe harbour in difficult moments

“I want to thank them, because some lads might’ve felt shaken if there had been a different reception, but the fans treated us as if we had won in Genoa. So I must thank them for that.”

Notably, after the defeat to Genoa, Mourinho joined his squad in acknowledging the away fans. However, during this evening’s match, he allowed the squad to receive applause from the fans on their own.

“This is what I am like. I have always been a safe harbour in difficult moments, I stood to one side and let them take their photos.”

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Ethan Dempsey
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