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‘I could have left in December’ – says Mourinho amidst Roma criticism

The Special One thinks Roma criticism is a bit unfair, especially since they are well-positioned to qualify for the Champions League

Jose Mourinho claims AS Roma criticism is harsh, considering the position they are in, and reminds cynical fans that he could’ve left in December.

Mourinho reveals unreasonable expectations of some Roma fans

Roma managed a 2-0 victory against Empoli on Saturday with goals from Ibanez and Abraham, putting them well within reach of the Champions League qualifying spots but Jose Mourinho still thinks that some fans are criticizing them too harshly.

Giallarossi went out against Cremonse in the cup which angered some fans, resulting in them boing captain Pellegrini when he was subbed last night.

But Mourinho said: “Pellegrini has a coach who respects him and respects everything he does for the team. Out of 60,000 people, maybe 20, 30, 50 people boo.”

He went on to talk about Roma’s “limitations”, referencing their limited transfer budget as well as squad depth.

Mourinho added: “Some fans don’t understand it, but this is normal. Fans love the club, but football is not their area. Obviously, there are those who understand, and there are people in the press who should have understood, because it’s their job, and who in my opinion understand but pretend not to understand that this is our reality.”

Roma was without a number of their starting XI against Cremonese in the cup and Mourinho responded to criticisms targeted toward his team selection by saying: “I think that if this team plays against Cremonese, we win and we’re in the semi-final of the Coppa Italia. But then we wouldn’t have won today. This is our reality. We always do our best, we work hard.

“Today, before the game, I told the players that we have to go onto the pitch with a backpack full of the frustration and sadness of the last game, but we can’t expect anyone to help. Just us.

“For the first time I went on the pitch with them in the warm-up and our feeling was exactly this: it’s just us. The truth is that we do our best. And as I always say, when you give your best, you can’t give more. We always give our best.

“I think day after day. I could have left in December, and I didn’t leave, I stayed here. And this is my life. Sometimes it seems like we’re in trouble, in the relegation zone, but we’re there, we’re at the top, with all those teams that are very strong. But that’s okay.”

He was then asked about Zaniolo and Smalling who both want to leave the club and what Zaniolo could do to be welcomed back.

“Zaniolo must do absolutely nothing, it is a problem of the club and he must solve it with the club, not with me. For Smalling, I can do nothing to convince him.” Mourinho concluded

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Ethan Dempsey
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