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Simone Inzaghi: ‘Inter not the richest club in Italy’

Simone Inzaghi, the coach of Inter Milan, after the match against Frosinone emphasized that Inter is not the richest club in Italy.

Inter Milan faced pressure to secure a win after Juventus won their match against Cagliari. The breakthrough came with a remarkable goal from Federico Dimarco, who executed a lob from an impressive distance of approximately 61 yards.

“Clearly it was a stunner that I think will already be going viral all over the world,” Simone Inzaghi told DAZN after Inter victory.

“Fede does this sort of thing in training, so we are accustomed to it now! It is a goal that you rarely see, so I congratulated him and the lads. They are working well and must continue like this.”

Following Dimarco’s stunning goal, Hakan Calhanoglu converted a penalty for Inter Milan. Despite Frosinone’s attempts, including hitting the woodwork and testing the goalkeeper with challenging shots, Yann Sommer ensured Inter Milan maintained a clean sheet.

“That was a balanced moment of the match, we had created something against a well-organised side, but this great goal opened up the door. Then the Marcus Thuram run and the penalty helped us to have a more relaxed second half.”

Inzaghi: Every game in Serie A is difficult

Frosinone adopted a three-man defense against Inter Milan, mirroring the Nerazzurri’s formation. Inzaghi noted that teams are increasingly adopting this strategy when facing Inter.

“Every game in Serie A is difficult to prepare. We expected Frosinone to use one tactical system. Instead, they switched to a different one. That tends to happen a lot here. The lads need to be quick to understand that something must change in the various phases.

“The team kept fully concentrated, covered the spaces and kept the shape. Frosinone play well out from the back. They use the goalkeeper. So we came in respecting them already. They are well-organised and have quality.”

Inzaghi acknowledged that losing key players like Romelu Lukaku, Marcelo Brozovic, Edin Dzeko, Milan Skriniar, and Andre Onana in the summer was challenging. However, he expressed confidence in the team’s performance, highlighting their current top position in the table, the best defense, a prolific attack, and qualification for the Champions League Round of 16.

“I did feel confident, but time will tell. The first 16 games of the season have been very good. The key is that I try to rotate and use all the players. But we always do it together.

“We are not even a third of the way through the season and when those difficult moments come, that is when we must prove ourselves.”

Simone Inzaghi: People say Inter are favourite for the Scudetto

Despite Inzaghi’s frequent rotations, there hasn’t been much discontent over playing time among the players in the squad.

“They all work together, they know that simply being at Inter means they were chosen by the club and by me, that means we appreciate them and they respect the fact I have to make choices every few days.”

Both Inter and Juventus are currently at the top of the table. There is a narrative being pushed by each club, and their respective directors, about the other being the ‘real’ favorites for the Scudetto. Simone Inzaghi, however, is not getting involved in this discussion about Inter and Juventus.

“I don’t like that sort of thing, drawing up a grid of favourites. We can only promise to our fans that we will do as much as we can in Serie A, the Champions League and Coppa Italia.

“People probably say we are favourites for the way we are playing right now. Inter are not the richest club in Italy. The last three summers our transfer market ran at a profit of €120m, then €30m and this time broke even despite reaching the Champions League Final.

“We have some great directors. A President who is always by our side. In difficult moments we try to give our best. We are fortunate to have a group like this, players who have a great sense of responsibility who give their all for these wonderful fans.”

After the break for international duty, Inter and Juventus are set to face each other at the Allianz Juventus Stadium in Turin on November 26.

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