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Lukaku’s father prefered Al-Hilal over Roma

Romelu Lukaku’s father stated that he would have preferred his son to join Al-Hilal and play in Saudi Arabia instead of Roma.

Despite the frosty relationship between the Belgium international and his father, Roger provided an interview with La Derniere Heure regarding the player’s career path.

Opting not to turn the return to Inter into a permanent transfer, Lukaku turned down considerably more lucrative offers from Saudi Arabia to join Roma on loan from Chelsea.

Lukaku left Inter for Roma in a controversial transfer

Lukaku’s father said: “He made the right choice by going to Roma, but I would’ve chosen Saudi Arabia, he should’ve gone to Al-Hilal.

“How much would he have earned there, €45m per year? He would’ve had to talk to (Belgium coach) Tedesco to see if he could keep his place in the squad, but Cristiano Ronaldo does it.

“Romelu has two children, he is already 30 years old, at a certain point he has to think about himself. But he wanted to remain in Europe.”

Upon Lukaku’s return to San Siro as an opponent against Inter, he encountered thousands of whistles distributed to ensure he experienced the fans’ fury, as they felt betrayed by his decision.

“Working with lawyers and agents is good for those who only think about filling their pockets, not the interests of the player.

“I felt like those jeers were for me. It saddens me to see how he is treated in Italy. I even switched off the television at half-time. I know he has developed a tough skin, like an elephant, but everything has its limits. Stress can cause physical damage too.

“After all he did for Inter…”

Roger Lukaku restated his belief that his son is the world’s best Number 9 and expressed that he considers it unfortunate for him to have lost the Champions League Final with Inter against Erling Haaland’s Manchester City.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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