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Paul Pogba plans to contest lengthy suspension amid a four-year ban scare

Paul Pogba’s legal team wants to pursue a reduction in the potential ban he faces for violating doping rules, with the looming threat of a four-year punishment.

Juventus player Paul Pogba tested positive for the prohibited substance DHEA in an anti-doping test conducted after Juventus’ 3-0 win over Udinese in Serie A in August. The test revealed elevated levels of testosterone, and sources suggest that the Anti-Doping Prosecutor’s Office is contemplating a four-year ban for the midfielder.

However, Pogba’s lawyers are aiming to have the ban reduced to two years during a hearing scheduled for January, as reported by Gazzetta dello Sport.

Paul Pogba, who will turn 31 next year, is confronting the prospect of a substantial ban following his failure in the anti-doping test. A four-year ban, if imposed, could mark the conclusion of a career that has been marked by controversy.

In the event of such a lengthy punishment, Juventus is likely to part ways with Pogba, who had returned to the club after a tumultuous six-year spell with Manchester United. The Frenchaman’s contract will likely runout by the end of his ban.

Since rejoining the Bianconeri last season, Paul Pogba has faced significant limitations in playing time due to injuries. In the 2022-23 season, he played a total of 161 minutes, and this term, before being suspended, he only added a further 52 minutes.

Pogba is currently awaiting his hearing as part of the doping trial scheduled for January 2024, where prosecutors are aiming to impose a four-year ban on the player. Regardless of whether the punishment is reduced to two years or maintained at four, the chances of seeing Pogba in a Juventus shirt again appear unlikely.

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