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Weston McKennie throws shade at Italian press on their treatment of USMNT players

Weston McKennie, a key player for USMNT, takes pride in disproving the perception held by some Italians that Americans couldn’t succeed in Serie A.

Speaking on the 19F Podcast with Juventus teammate Moise Kean, McKennie highlighted the success of six Americans currently playing in Italy, challenging what he referred to as the “close-minded” perspective of doubters in the country.

“I like it because everyone [in Italy] thinks Americans only play baseball, basketball and so on. When I arrived three years and a half ago everyone was asking who I was. ‘An American? Can he play football?” he said. “Now, there are [Christian] Pulisic and [Yunus] Musah at [AC] Milan, Tanner Tessmann and Gianluca Busio in Venice, and Timothy Weah at Juventus. Now everyone knows Americans can play football.

“There are other players from Germany and Spain, but as I said before, in Italy, everyone is a bit stuck in the head like this, and maybe they didn’t know we [Americans] can also play football, not only basketball.”

Alongside established players like McKennie, Pulisic, Weah, and Musah, Gianluca Busio and Tanner Tessman also ply their trade in Italy, specifically with Venezia FC, which was recently relegated but is currently positioned well for potential promotion.

As McKennie emphasized, these American players have entered the Italian football scene and successfully demonstrated their capabilities, challenging any preconceived doubts about their potential success.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
Ethan is a lifelong football fan. When he is not obsessing over the Premier League games, Ethan likes to read fantasy tomes, watch football documentaries and waste hours upon hours on video games.


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