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Nicolo Fagioli: I miss playing with Juventus teammates

Suspended Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli attended his initial session with the Piedmont Order of Psychologists to address and treat his gambling issues.

The 22-year-old Italian midfielder, Nicolo Fagioli, was the first player involved in the Serie A betting scandal last summer. He confessed to prosecutors about placing bets on football matches on illegal platforms. Consequently, he received a seven-month ban, keeping him sidelined until late May 2024.

Fagioli, fined €12,500, is enrolled in gambling addiction treatment. Additionally, he is required to make at least 10 public appearances to discourage others from engaging in similar actions. Despite the incident, Juventus extended his contract until June 2028, showing support for their midfielder.

Nicolo Fagioli was asked about his feelings by reporters gathered outside the meeting, according to TMW.

“I feel very good, the first meeting was a constructive one, both for me and for the other people present. I miss playing with my teammates, but I’m happy for what they are doing.”

The 22-year-old then discussed when the upcoming meetings would take place.

“We still have to agree everything with the FIGC, but I think many meetings will be in Piedmont.”

Nicolo Fagioli was questioned about whether he wanted to convey a message to the outside world.

“Difficult question. I’m just telling you about my experience, especially for those who are younger than me and don’t have to experience things like things.”

Giancarlo Marenco, the president of the Order of Psychologists of Piedmont, addressed the press regarding Nicolo Fagioli’s progress.

“We set up a circular situation so that everyone could participate. I think it was a constructive dialogue, Nicolo felt comfortable and expressed his opinion on the matter. It was a fruitful meeting.”

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