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Buffon reflects on Champions League regrets

Gianluigi Buffon pondered his inability to secure a Champions League victory and the major regrets he harbored throughout his playing career.

Throughout his 29-year career, the former goalkeeper clinched nearly every available honor, including a World Cup, 10 Scudetti, six Coppa Italia titles, a Ligue 1 title, and a UEFA Cup. Despite reaching the finals of the Champions League twice, the Bianconeri legend never managed to hoist the coveted trophy.

At the conclusion of last season, Buffon retired from professional play after an emotionally charged two-year stint in Serie B with Parma. He transitioned into his current role as the head of delegation for the Italy national team, stepping into the position just a month before Luciano Spalletti’s arrival.

Buffon, speaking to Eco di Biella via, initially delved into his affection for Juventus.

He said: “Juventus were my footballing life, there were wonderful memories, an adventure and human growth and consecration from a sporting point of view. The Juve universe turns your certainties upside down, but the moment you succeed they will never give up on you.”

Buffon is not obsessed with winning the Champions League

The former goalkeeper contemplated his inability to secure a Champions League victory.

“It’s never been a wound for me, for me it was the incentive to fight every year for something extremely big.

“If I then have to say a general thing that touches the Juve world, teammates and managers, I was very sorry for them and for the fans who have yearned for this cup for more or less thirty years.

“For me, playing in the Champions League was already joy, winning it would have been the closing of a circle, but I don’t care.”

He fielded questions about any regrets from his playing career or life.

“I like to think that my imperfection gives others an idea of humanity and makes me close to people, with people. I’ve made many mistakes, especially when I was young.

“What I’m least proud of is having bought my diploma at 18, I wouldn’t do it again because there is a note of incorrectness and shortcuts and I have never been one for shortcuts.”

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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