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Lazio president: Serie A forced the defeat on Lazio

Lazio President Claudio Lotito criticized the three red cards received during their loss to Milan, labeling it as a “forced defeat” that highlighted the FIGC’s inability to ensure reliability.

Lazio President Claudio Lotito announced plans to advocate for the establishment of a “third institution” to adjudicate such matters, following Lazio’s eyebrow-raising 1-0 loss to AC Milan.

The Aquile had already expressed anger towards referee Marco Di Bello following the initial two incidents. The first involved a collision between Mike Maignan and Taty Castellanos in the penalty area, while the second saw Luca Pellegrini receiving a second yellow card for inadvertently fouling Christian Pulisic while attempting to clear the ball out of play.

Tensions escalated in injury time after Noah Okafor’s goal, leading to Adam Marusic’s dismissal for dissent and Matteo Guendouzi’s controversial red card for a foul on Pulisic. Maurizio Sarri, the coach, declined to address the media post-match, leaving President Lotito to direct criticism towards DAZN.

“When the game goes like this, there have to be organisms set aside to evaluate the situation,” said Lotito.

“It means the system is unreliable and when that happens, we need a third level of the institutions to put an end to this situation. When you break the law, there is an institution to judge.

“In my view, today we went beyond the red line. We went beyond every imaginable limit. The club will make its voice heard in the right places for what everybody saw.

“If the system is not able to guarantee its own reliability, then we need to pose some questions. We will make our voice heard in other institutions.”

Lazio president Lotito speaks on Serie A’s lack of responsibility for their actions

Just hours before, Lotito had cautioned that Lazio supported the Lega Serie A’s proposal to sue the FIGC and establish an independent Premier League-style division, indicating his predisposition to challenge their jurisdiction.

The occurrence marked the first instance since November 2012, when Palermo faced Bologna, that a team had received three red cards in a single Serie A match.

“I don’t know who Di Bello is or where he comes from. The time has come for the Lega to create a third element outside of the system.

“I feel like the respect of the rules and of merit was lacking today. This was a forced defeat. A preannounced death. I know what institutions we should turn to and with which means to intervene.

“Football is about sporting values: today this game was entirely lacking in sporting values. I do not speak about this defeat with regret, but with the certainty of what I saw and what happened.”

Lotito also covered many of the same points with Sky Sport Italia.

“I wish to do what any citizen would do when the rules have not been respected. If someone breaks the law, is there not someone who is capable of judging whether it was done on purpose or not? Otherwise there is anarchy. We just want the rules to be applied equally, with equanimity and objectivity.

“What happened was clear to everyone and anyone who is objective can evaluate what happened. This is not the first time it has happened, not just for Lazio, but other situations, we need to make sure a third, external institution can evaluate if this is a coincidence or not.”

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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