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Deulofeu revealed his close friendship with Llorente

Udinese forward Gerard Deulofeu has revealed that Marcos Llorente played a significant role in changing his life and the two share a close friendship.

Before a knee injury that required surgery, ruling him out for the rest of the season, the Udinese striker was in the best form of his life.

The Spanish midfielder has seized the opportunity to recuperate from that injury in Madrid.

Deulofeu is friend with a former Real Madrid Castilla youngster

The former Barcelona starlet explained to Relevo that Llorente’s professionalism and attitude had a significant impact on changing the course of his life.

Deulofeu: “Marcos has marked a turning point in my life. I thank him whenever I can because my change towards that lifestyle has a lot to do with him, with the values ​​he has.

I have a relationship so so beautiful with him that it is a friendship that I’ve almost never enjoyed anything like it in my life.”

Some years ago, they met while playing for Spain’s under-21 team and have become closer friends since then.

Llorente has been visiting Deulofeu often in Madrid, where they could spend time together due to Deulofeu’s presence.

“You know perfectly what Marcos is, what his values ​​are, and he has entrusted them to me, he has transmitted them to me.

“He is that person who guides you, who excites you, he communicates with you.

That is Marcos for me, a wonderful boy. Being in Madrid we have been able to see each other every week.

He pushes me forward. He has moments where he gives me the appropriate and correct phrases to move forward.”

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
Russell Murray is a passionate football journalist whose heart beats to the rhythm of the beautiful game. With an insatiable appetite for all things football, Russell is always seeking to capture the essence of the sport. Also, he strongly believes that Guti and Diego Milito never received the recognition they deserved for their contributions to football.


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