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Milan vs Napoli Head to Head Record and Stats

AC Milan managed to gain a 1-1 draw with Napoli in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals. Rossoneri reached the semi-finals with a 2-1 victory on aggregate. In this article, we take a look at Milan vs Napoli head to head record.

The game was the 173rd match between the two sides. But this season’s match between Milan and Napoli in the Champions League was the first European match between the two teams in history. All 171 previous matches were held within the framework of Italian domestic competitions.

In this article, we have gathered all that is possible to know about the Milan vs Napoli head to head history. The number of games won by both teams, the number of goals scored by both sides, the heaviest defeats against each other, the highest goal-scoring between them, the top scorers of the fixture, the best match between Milan vs Napoli, the comparison of the trophies won by the two clubs, everything.

Let’s review Milan vs Napoli record and stats.

Milan vs Napoli Head to Head Record

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Milan and Napoli have played together 173 times so far. 150 of these matches have been played in Serie A, and 17 matches have been played in Coppa Italia. There were two matches in the Divisione Nazionale, two in the playoffs, and two in the Champions League. Here is the Milan vs Napoli head to head record in these 173 matches:

Milan vs Napoli

69 -Games Won- 51
53 -Draws- 53
249 -Goals Scored- 194
39 -Home Wins- 32
19 -Home Loses- 30
57 -Serie A Wins- 45
9 -Coppa Italia- 4

AC Milan’s Heaviest Defeat

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AC Milan’s heaviest defeat against Napoli occurred just eight years ago, on Serie A matchday 7 in the 2015-16 season. Milan lost 4-0 to their opponent in this match. More interestingly, the game was hosted by Milan and held in the famous San Siro. Lorenzo Insigne scored two goals, and two others were scored by Allan and Rodrigo Ely (own goal).

Milan’s heaviest defeat against Napoli in away games was made in 1988. This game was also played on Serie A matchday 7, and Napoli managed to defeat their opponent 4-1. Host’s goals were scored by Diego Maradona, Careca (2), Giovanni Francini, and Pietro Paolo Virdis scored for the visitors.

Napoli’s heaviest defeat

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Napoli’s heaviest defeat against AC Milan was in the 1991-92 season and on the Serie A matchday 15. The match ended with a 5-0 victory for Rossoneri. Paolo Maldini, Frank Rijkaard, Daniela Massaro, Roberto Donadoni, and Marco van Basten were the goalscorers of the game. The match was hosted by AC Milan in San Siro. This season, Milan managed to get the championship of Serie A.

Napoli’s heaviest home defeat against Milan occurred a few weeks ago on Serie A matchday 28. Napoli lost 4-0 in the match held at Diego Maradona Stadium. Rafael Leao scored two goals, and the two others were scored by Brahim Diaz and Alexis Saelemaekers.

The Highest Goal-Scoring Game Between Milan and Napoli

One of the most goals-scoring games between Milan and Napoli was the Serie A matchday 4 in the 1956-57 season. The game hosted by Milan ended with a 5-3 victory for Napoli. The goals were scored by Celso Posio, Bruno Pesaola (2), Luis Vinicio (2), Juan Schiaffino (2), and Carlo Galli.

Another high-scoring match between the two sides was played on 0ctober 1,
1950 and in the Serie A 1950-51 season. Milan managed to defeat their host 5-3. The goalscorers were Nils Liedholm, Renzo Burini, Gunnar Nordhal (2), Luigi Vultaggio, Silvio Formentin, Amedeo Amadei, and Farnese Masoni.

The Best Match Between Milan vs Napoli

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February 14, 1990. Stadio San Paolo.

The two Italian sides faced each other in the Coppa Italia semi-finals. The first leg in San Siro ended in a draw 0-0. Now, the winner of this match could be on to the finals. Big names such as Diego Maradona, Marco van Basten, Paolo Maldini, Carlo Ancelotti, and Frank Rijkaard were on the pitch.

This game was a generous feast of football. The two sides just attacked and attacked and attacked. Finally, Milan managed to win the match 3-1 with two goals from Daniela Massaro and one other from Marco van Basten. Diego Maradona scored the only Napoli’s goal.

Top Scorers of the Fixture

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1- Gianni Rivera (11 goals): The AC Milan legend, who is also the third top scorer in the club’s history, was very interested in scoring against Napoli. He scored more goals against Napoli than any other club. Rivera played 33 games against Napoli in a Rossoneri shirt and scored 11 goals.

2- Giuseppe Savoldi (9 goals): Savoldi played for Napoli between 1975 and 1979. In these four years, he faced AC Milan fourteen times and scored in eight of them. 9 goals in 14 matches. Not bad!

3- Marco van Basten (8 goals): It is no surprise to see one of the best strikers in football’s history on this list. Van Basten played 10 times against Napoli and scored 8 goals. The Dutch bomber scored four goals against Napoli on the Serie A matchday 9 in the 1992-93 season.

4- Diego Maradona (7 goals): Napoli named their stadium after him. One of the greatest footballers of all time is also the greatest player in Napoli’s history. During his time in Naples, Maradona faced Milan 16 times and managed to score 7 goals.

And then the Champions League

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In the Milan vs Napoli match history, a European meeting was missing. Although the two Italian giants have faced each other repeatedly in Serie A, they have no record of any European meeting. Finally, in the current season, the expectation came to an end, and the two sides faced each other in the Champions League quarter-final.

The first leg was held in San Siro, and the hosts won with Ismael Bennacer’s goal in the 40th minute. Napoli had plenty of goal opportunities in this game, but Rossoneri’s French goalkeeper Mike Maignan had a great night.

Here is the Milan vs Napoli head to head record in this match:

Milan vs Napoli

47% -Ball Possession- 53%

12 -Total Shots- 16
7 -Shots Off Target- 6
2 -Shots On Target- 6
3 -Blocked Shots- 4
1 -Hit Woodwork- 0
8 -Shots Inside Box- 10
4 -Shots Outside Box- 6
2 -Big Chances- 2
2 -Big Chances Missed- 2

417 -Total Passes- 472
339 -Accurate Passes- 392
81% -Accurate Passes Percentage- 83%
218 -Own Half Passes- 213
121 -Opposition Half Passes- 179
21 -Accurate Long Balls- 10
37% -Accurate Long Balls Percentage- 34%
3 -Accurate Crosses- 7
27% -Accurate Crosses Percentage- 39%
15 -Throws- 20
3 -Corners- 10

11 -Tackles Won- 11
55% -Tackles Won Percentage- 58%
17 -Interceptions- 11
4 -Blocks- 3
13 -Clearances- 13
5 -Keeper Saves- 1

64 -Duels Won- 66
49% -Duels Won Percentage- 51%
46 -Grand Duels Won- 50
48% -Grand Duels Won Percentage- 52%
18% -Aerial Duels Won- 16
53% -Aerial Duels Won Percentage- 47%
13 -Successful Dribbles- 15
59% -Successful Dribbles Percentage- 63%

16 -Fouls Committed- 13
4 -Yellow Cards- 5
0 -Red Cards- 1
1 -Offsides- 0

Return of the Devil

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In the second leg held in Naples, AC Milan had a very difficult job to do. Napoli has one of the best-attacking powers in Europe in the current season, and Milan had to defend against them. But they were able to score a goal in the 43rd minute by Olivier Giroud, and the 93rd minute Victor Osimhen’s goal did not help Napoli. After sixteen years, AC Milan is among the top four teams in Europe.

Here is the Milan vs Napoli head to head record in the 173rd clash between the two clubs:

Napoli vs Milan

74% -Ball Possession- 26%

23 -Total Shots- 6
10 -Shots Off Target- 1
4 -Shots On Target- 4
9 -Blocked Shots- 1
0 -Hit Woodwork- 0
17 -Shots Inside Box- 5
6 -Shots Outside Box- 1
4 -Big Chances- 3
3 -Big Chances Missed- 2

601 -Total Passes- 223
532 -Accurate Passes- 162
89% -Accurate Passes Percentage- 73%
186 -Own Half Passes- 97
346 -Opposition Half Passes- 65
12 -Accurate Long Balls- 26
55% -Accurate Long Balls Percentage- 49%
10 -Accurate Crosses- 2
22% -Accurate Crosses Percentage- 25%
17 -Throws- 12
16 -Corners- 10

7 -Tackles Won- 10
54% -Tackles Won Percentage- 59%
5 -Interceptions- 12
1 -Blocks- 9
9 -Clearances- 45
3 -Keeper Saves- 3

61 -Duels Won- 60
50% -Duels Won Percentage- 50%
42 -Grand Duels Won- 42
50% -Grand Duels Won Percentage- 50%
19 -Aerial Duels Won- 18
51% -Aerial Duels Won Percentage- 49%
19 -Successful Dribbles- 12
66% -Successful Dribbles Percentage- 67%

14 -Fouls Committed- 12
2 -Yellow Cards- 2
0 -Red Cards- 0
0 -Offsides- 1

Milan vs Napoli Head to Head Record in Terms of Trophies

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Here is Milan vs Napoli head to head record in terms of trophies:

Milan vs Napoli

19 -Domestic League Titles- 2
16 -Domestic League Runners-up- 8
5 -Domestic Main Cup Winners- 6
9 -Domestic Main Cup Runners-up- 4
7 -Domestic Supercup Winners- 2
5 -Domestic Supercup Runners-up- 2
7 -UEFA Champions League Winners- 0
4 -UEFA Champions League Runners-up- 0
2 -European Cup Winners’ Cup- 0
0 -UEFA Cup / Europa League Winners- 1
5 -UEFA Super Cup Winners- 0
2 -UEFA Super Cup Runners-up- 0
3 -Intercontinental Cup- 0
1 -FIFA Club World Cup- 0

49 -Total Trophies- 11

Some Other Stats

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Here is Milan vs Napoli head to head record in some other matters:

Milan vs Napoli

1899 -Founding Year- 1926
75,817 -Stadium Capacity- 54,726
€42 -Transfer Record- €75
€67 -Most Expensive Departures- €90
$1.2B -Net Worth- $471m
2022 -Last League Title- 1990

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