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Chiesa’s newest injury is ‘nothing serious’

Juventus head coach Max Allegri confirms that Chiesa will be sidelined due to injury, but it is nothing serious

Juventus star Enrico Chiesa, who has been sidelined for nearly a season since last year, has been injured once again. However, Allegri assured fans that it is “nothing serious”.

Allegri expected Chiesa to get injured

Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegri insisted that injuries were to be expected when Chiesa’s season was concerned.

The Italian will be absent from Juventus’ crucial Europa League clash with Nantes. Especially since he was such a key figure in the 1-1 draw in the first leg.

“Unfortunately, tomorrow we don’t have him, but we knew this,” Allegri said.

“When a player is 10 months without playing, he comes back and when he makes two games in a row, some issues can occur that are nothing serious but affect the possibility of having him available.”

“Tomorrow is a final, a unique game

Juventus’ goal for the season didn’t particularly involve the Europa League. However, Allegri said that the club is adamant of passing through the first knockout rounds, as they have failed to do so in Europe in past three seasons.

“This year Juventus has an important goal,” Allegri said. “It is to pass the first qualifying round, even if these are the ‘sixteenth-finals’, given that in the last three years we have always gone out in the first knockout round in the Champions League.

“Tomorrow is a final, a unique game, since away goals no longer count double. We know that tomorrow we play a game at [Nantes’] home, and we play for the passage through this round.”

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Ethan Dempsey
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