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Lindsey Horan expresses why she got mad at Danielle van de Donk

Lindsey Horan has shed light on her on-field altercation with Lyon teammate Danielle van de Donk during their World Cup match against the Netherlands.

The experienced midfielder faced a familiar opponent on the pitch and confronted Van de Donk after receiving a forceful challenge that struck her knee.

For a brief moment, Horan set aside their club friendship and confronted Van de Donk.

Her emotions were still running high a few minutes later when she scored the equalizing goal for the United States, securing a 1-1 draw that prevented them from experiencing their first defeat at FIFA’s flagship event since 2011.

Lindsey Horan was ‘pi*sed off’ at van de Donk

Horan told reporters afterward of why she took issue with Van de Donk and how all that is over now: “Me and Dan always go up against each other. It’s a physical battle. I respect her so much and that’s how it should be. In the moment I got a little pissed at her, but Rose (Lavelle) put in an absolute dime and I was able to get my head on it.”

Lavelle and Co advised Horan to calm down since she had received one yellow card in the group stage and could be at risk of a ban if she receives another one.

She added on the coming together with a club colleague that merely highlighted her passion for the game: “These kind of matches are competitive. There’s battles all over the field. And you know, Dan is that type of player that, when she’s on my team, it’s incredible because she’s going to fight to the last second to win a game or go into that last tackle, and that’s what she did. And unfortunately, I did not take it in a good way. I got a little heated and she got to hear it. And Julie (Ertz) came up to me in the box and she was like, ‘Linds please just don’t get another yellow card.’ Just score this goal to shut everyone up. And that’s what happened.”

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Ethan Dempsey
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