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Alanna Kennedy lauds Alex Morgan for driving the Women’s football forward

Alex Morgan’s former teammate Alanna Kennedy has praised her for taking the women’s game to a whole new level

Former teammate Alanna Kennedy, who spent three years at Orlando Pride with USWNT star Alex Morgan, has credited Morgan for being her role model and someone that has driven the sport further.

Kennedy wants to learn from those who push women’s sports forward

Speaking to Indivisa, Kennedy said: “There are so many strong female athletes out there, people like Serena Williams and so on. There are just so many from different sports.

“But, for me… I’ll use Alex Morgan as an example. I’ve spent a lot of time with her, on the pitch and off the pitch.

“I think just learning from people within the sport and watching them and how they use their influence to better the game, to inspire the next generation and help people to understand how much investment in football, women’s football and women’s sport, can grow the sport and show that we can put bums on seats… Just things like that.

“I like to be able to watch and, I guess, learn from people like that who have really driven the sport in the right direction.”

Apart from numerous individual awards, Alex Morgan has won two World Cups and an Olympic Gold medal, becoming one of the most recognized women footballers of all time.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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