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Rubiales melodrama continues as his mother goes on a hunger striker

Mother of Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales Angeles Bejar has gone on a hunger strike, imploring Jenni Hermoso to “speak the truth.”

Rubiales garnered unwanted attention and became the focal point of a sporting and political uproar due to his actions during the 2023 Women’s World Cup final.

Following the match, where Spain secured a 1-0 triumph over England, Rubiales forcefully approached players and kissed Barcelona striker Hermoso on the lips.

He faced significant backlash after a lively medal ceremony in Sydney. Despite increasing demands for his resignation, he remained steadfast in his determination to retain his prominent position.

She has resaid Rubiales’ assertions of “mutual consent” concerning the kiss. She has urged Hermoso to “speak the truth” and “uphold the initial version of events,” as the 33-year-old had initially downplayed the incident.

Bejar has now brought her protest to the Divina Pastora de Motril church and affirmed to EFE her commitment to an ongoing hunger strike “indefinitely, day and night,” until there is justice.

She has expressed that “the treatment they are subjecting my son to is undeserved.”

Bejar contends that Rubiales is “incapable of causing harm to anyone” and holds hopes for his name clean in this unfortunate episode.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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