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RFEF to sack a few personnel after reaching an agreement with Spain squad to resume playing

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has agreed with most of the Spain national team players to continue playing, leading up to their Nations League match against Sweden on Friday. However, these negotiations are anticipated to result in several dismissals.

Following the resignation of Luis Rubiales as President of the RFEF, four of the players’ demands remain unmet, even after 39 players declared they would not participate until significant changes were implemented.

Originally, three of Montse Tome’s 23-woman squad were open to playing, but two are now set to depart, while the other 18 players appear to have been convinced by the agreements made.

The unresolved demands include restructuring women’s football, the general secretariat, the marketing and communication department, and the integrity committee.

It seems that General Secretary Andreu Camps, who was Rubiales’ close associate, will be the first to be removed, as reported by Sport. While no specific names have been provided, several others are expected to be dismissed.

After seven hours of negotiations between the players, RFEF, and Minister for Sport Victor Francos, an agreement was reached to establish a committee with representation from both parties and the High Council for Sport (CSD).

This committee will oversee the agreed-upon changes, and immediate changes are anticipated, including restructuring women’s football within the RFEF and various enhancements related to equal pay and gender equality in sports law.

RFEF comes to agreement with Spain players over gender equality and equal pay

“Essentially, they have to do with the development of the Sports Law, regarding everything that has to do with gender equality policies, advancing equal pay, advancing equality in the quality of infrastructure for sports and, in this case, for women’s football,” Francos declared.

“Obviously, I do not want to deceive you, and I want to be very honest with you. The players have also expressed their concern to us about the need to make changes in the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the federation has committed to ensuring that these changes occur in an immediate manner.”

Francos stated that the discussions were conducted openly, honestly, and in a friendly manner. The Head of Women’s Football in the RFEF reiterated Montse Tome’s statement that Jenni Hermoso needed protection, but clarified that it was media attention from which she needed protection.

It appears that there will be positive developments in the situation. Spain would have jeopardized their participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics if they had not played in the Nations League matches, but now this issue has been averted. The Spain squad has not issued a public statement since the negotiations concluded.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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