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Gareth Taylor fumes about WSL’s strange decisions and Alex Greenwood’s red card

Gareth Taylor warned that the WSL could turn into an ‘eight-a-side’ league as he reacted to Alex Greenwood’s first-half red card.

The Cityzens started the game positively, with Chloe Kelly giving them the lead in the seventh minute. However, things took a turn for the worse for the hosts when Alex Greenwood received two yellow cards for time-wasting while taking a free-kick, seven minutes before half-time.

Guro Reiten scored a late equalizer for Chelsea, securing a point for her team. Manchester City manager Gareth Taylor expressed his disappointment and cautioned that such harsh decisions in every match could eventually reduce the Women’s Super League to an eight-a-side competition.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Taylor said, “I kind of had the feeling with the referee that… I think it was Niamh Charles took an early one which look really soft and then I think sometimes the officials in their mind think well, we need to even this up, and then all of a sudden, everything you do is like a yellow card. So seems like we’ve gone from like, here to here straightaway in clamping down. It’s the same with the minutes. The minutes just seem to go on and on and on.

Gareth Taylor complains about refereeing mistakes

“For those who played the game, I think when you are stood on the ball there, you look at your options to the side, to the other side, forward, backwards, you move around the ball a little bit. It seemed just a weird time for us to be wasting time. If we’re consistent throughout the season, in terms of this refereeing and in this new stance, I think we’re going to have a lot of games like that, that are kind of 8v8.

I don’t think it ruined the game for me especially – I think it did for everyone. I spoke to Emma and we just looked at each other and it’s just… Listen if they need to be given and players have offended for one reason or another, then fair enough. But I just think it spoils things. Both teams would have come out today with a game plan and then all of a sudden, 10 minutes before halftime, everything changes and the momentum shifts.”

The Manchester City boss added, “If this is going to be the way then we need to learn quickly, and all of the players will. I’m all about respect. It’s such a hard job for the officials, such a difficult one and especially when you’ve got players coming at you and maybe staff, but we’d like to think that we’re quite respectful on that front, that we don’t go over the top like some do.

But I just think let’s move it a little bit slower rather than going from here to here straight away because if not, we’re just going to have an 8-a-side league unfortunately if they’re consistent.”

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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