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Megan Rapinoe hailed as being ‘like a teenager’ by teammate

Jess Fishlock has lauded the U.S. women’s national team star Rapinoe for her long-lasting career and the positive influence she has on people around her

Jess Fishlock has praised Megan Rapinoe for her long-lasting career and influence on those around her as both players prepare to start their 11th season in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) this weekend.

Together, they have been part of several successful OL Reign teams, winning three NWSL Shields and making it to two Championship finals.

Fishlock: Rapinoe is wild

Speaking to Indivisa about her own longevity in the league, Fishlock said: “It’s also helpful that I have Pinoe who has been in a locker room with me for the entire time.

“She’s going onto 38 years old and she looks like a freaking teenager, so it’s helpful when you get to come in every day with people who are in the same position, but have an insane mentality that just allows them to keep going at this level for this long.

“Longevity in this game at this level is something that we never really talk about, we never really appreciate, and I get to see it in P every single day, right? So, it obviously is going to rub off on who I am and what player I want to be and what that looks like.

“She keeps everyone young. She is wild, but in the best possible way. She’s so professional, she’s so talented, she’s such a good human being and is always up for messing around and doing stupid things and it’s just infectious, right? She’s infectious.”

Despite being 37 years old, Megan Rapinoe remains a top performer at the highest level, just like her teammate Jess Fishlock who is a year younger.

Both players are expected to play crucial roles for the Reign in their pursuit of a maiden NWSL Championship, having come close to achieving the feat several times in the past.

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Ethan Dempsey
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