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‘Class act’ Alisha Lehmann helps a disabled fan before Villa’s match against West Ham

Aston Villa superstar Alisha Lehmann has been praised as a “class act” by fans following a heartwarming gesture she made to a disabled supporter before a WSL match.

Aston Villa star Alisha Lehmann noticed a young supporter in a wheelchair waving at her as she disembarked from the Aston Villa team bus for their match against West Ham.

The Swiss striker immediately approached the supporter, warmly embraced them, collected her bag, and then proceeded into the stadium. The video, initially shared on the fan’s Instagram story, quickly gained widespread attention.

Alisha Lehmann, with an Instagram following of 16.1 million, a larger audience than some WSL clubs, is a significant star both on and off the pitch. Despite her fame, Lehmann demonstrated that she still makes time for her fans.

In a crucial game against her former club, she started on the bench but later came on as a late substitute. The match concluded with a dramatic 3-2 victory for Villa, sealed by an injury-time stunner from Rachel Daly.

The video of Alisha Lehmann’s heartwarming gesture towards a disabled fan quickly gained attention on social media, with users praising her as a “class act” and a “hero.” Many expressed their admiration for the kindness shown in the video, with one fan describing it as “absolutely lovely to see.”

Despite starting only three of Villa’s seven WSL games this season, Lehmann’s popularity extends beyond the pitch. Villa, currently just two points above the relegation zone, will aim to improve their standing in upcoming matches against Blackburn in the League Cup on Wednesday and Everton in the WSL on Sunday.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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