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Rangers’ McPherson apologizes to Alonso over headbutt incident

Rangers boss Craig McPherson has issued an apology to Fran Alonso, the manager of Celtic Women’s team, for the reported headbutt incident that occurred after the Old Firm derby in the SWPL on Monday

Police are investigating an incident that happened after the Old Firm derby in the SWPL, where Celtic scored a late equalizer to draw 1-1 against Rangers Women at Broadwood Stadium.

The incident involved an alleged headbutt and the Rangers Women coach Craig McPherson has apologized to Celtic boss Fran Alonso for it.

McPherson acknowledged that his behavior was not typical of him and expressed gratitude towards Alonso for accepting his apology during their long conversation earlier in the week.

Rangers coach faces a Scottish FA charge

“I would like to offer a full and unreserved apology for my actions at the end of Monday’s Old Firm match at Broadwood,” a statement from McPherson read.

“I know I have severely let myself, our team and the club down. And I hold myself to the highest of standards and have never done anything like this before in a long coaching career, and I know I fell way short of that with my actions.

“This club is also built on incredibly high standards, and I have already apologized to the board, the football staff, and our fantastic group of players who I care about dearly.

“I would also like to apologize to the Rangers fans as I am aware of what a privilege it is to represent this club in any capacity, and I am sorry that on this occasion I did not uphold the standards this club demands.

“I also understand how exciting a time it is for the women’s game in Scotland, which I have come to care passionately about, and I apologize for any negativity my actions have brought in our attempts to grow the game.”

The Rangers coach is also facing a charge from the Scottish FA and says he will “accept in full whatever punishment they deem appropriate”.

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Ethan Dempsey
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