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Lionesses hero Chloe Kelly speaks on Barton comments

Chloe Kelly, a lioness hero, says, “Women can accomplish amazing things,” in response to Barton’s comments.

Chloe Kelly, an England forward, advises women not to let others doubt their success, responding to Joey Barton’s controversial comments on female football pundits.

Former Lionesses goalkeeper Rachel Brown-Finnis, at the launch of the first Panini Barclays Women’s Super League sticker collection, urged women to disregard Barton’s ‘clickbait’ criticism along with Chloe Kelly.

Barton caused controversy with negative posts on social media, claiming women shouldn’t speak authoritatively in men’s football. He criticized female pundits, calling it tokenism.

Chloe Kelly: That’s the nature of social media

Emma Hayes and Alex Scott criticized Barton’s comments. Kelly, who scored in the Euro 2022 final, has also spoken out.

“We’ve broken down barriers throughout our careers. Every woman involved in sport, especially in football.” Chloe Kelly said. 

“We’ve broken down barriers to get where we are today. We keep breaking down those barriers and not letting people tell us we can’t. As you can see today, women can achieve great things.

“I definitely like to prove people wrong. I think every female has done just that along the way. Proving people wrong. 

“I think we’re showing exactly what we’re capable of and very woman working in football is showing that they’re able to do so.”

Brown-Finnis, a pundit since 2015, thinks Barton aimed to provoke rather than express genuine views in his comments.

“It’s one voice on social media that reaches a lot of people’s ears and unfortunately. That’s the nature of social media.” She said of Barton’s posts.

“We as women in football, whether it be women’s football or men’s football, we hear these voices on a regular basis. I think you can choose to listen to them or you can choose to not listen to them. 

“I understand that platform is for anybody to have their say. He’s entitled to his view, if that is a true view, but in my opinion it’s more of a clickbait exercise.”

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