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Mary Earps discloses a strong commitment from Nike

Mary Earps affirms receiving assurance from Nike that England Women’s goalkeeper jerseys will be accessible for public purchase in the future.

England and Manchester United star Mary Earps criticized Nike during the Women’s World Cup for not selling goalkeeper jerseys. Nike reversed its decision, and the shirts sold out. Earps, after discussions with the company, confirms they won’t make the same error again.

Mary Earps told BBC Sport: “I’m just happy that it was sold. Hopefully as many people got what they wanted but it was more about the principle than anything. Would I like to see more shirts? Of course. The reality is there was none [available before]. There was never a thought of [selling them] until what we achieved in the last 12 months. It’s been a long, work in progress with all of our voices and the public have got behind me. Now it’s a conversation of ‘OK, how many?’ And that’s a very different conversation to what it was before.”

After disclosing that she received a “commitment from Nike that it will never happen again”, Mary Earps added: “The fact that young girls and adults – whoever want the shirts – can have access to them… People might be complaining now that there’s not enough – but I’ll absolutely take that complaint over there being none.”

Mary Earps’ standout play led to a high demand for her goalie jersey. She played a key role under Sarina Wiegman, reaching the final in Australia and New Zealand, but lost 1-0 to Spain. Earps earned the Golden Glove award and other honors, including BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2023.

Mary Earps, who recently won the BBC award, might secure another significant prize. She’s in contention for FIFA’s Best Women’s Goalkeeper in January 2024.

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