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Crystal Dunn claims she ‘didn’t feel valued’ at Portland Thorns

Upon joining NJ/NY Gotham FC, Crystal Dunn disclosed that she “didn’t feel valued” at the Portland Thorns.

The USWNT veteran, who signed a contract through to 2026, departed from the Portland Thorns in November, shortly after they were defeated by Gotham in the NWSL play-off semi-finals. Dunn, 31, provided insights into why she opted not to renew her contract with the Oregon-based team.

In an interview with Pro Soccer Wire, Dunn said: “I won’t get into the weeds but, I basically found myself in a place where I just didn’t feel valued the way that I truly deserve to be valued. Life has a funny way of just kind of throwing things at you, and you just adapt.”

Dunn added: “I felt very fortunate that free agency came when it did, because I was ready. At the end of the day, it’s really about finding comfort in a place that you want to be. Once the decision was made that I just am going to move on from Portland, to me, I was just at such peace. I’m just happy that I can call New York my home again.”

Despite her desire to leave Portland, Dunn admitted it wasn’t easy saying goodbye to her teammates. “I frickin’ love my teammates to death. I mean, I shed some tears with them. Sophia Smith and Kelli Hubly, all these players that I’ve actually truly enjoyed playing with, it wasn’t easy to say goodbye to them, but I think that they support me and they support my family and they support the decision that I needed to make.”

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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