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Chelsea boss Emma Hayes open to coaching men’s football team in future

Chelsea’s women’s team head coach Emma Hayes has opened up about the possibility of coaching in men’s football.

Emma Hayes is considered one of the best managers in women’s football and will take over the U.S. Women’s National team in the summer. Hayes has led Chelsea to six WSL titles, five FA Cups, and two League Cups.

In an interview with William hill, Hayes was asked about coaching a men’s team in the future.

“When it comes to managing a men’s team, you have to be offered the right job. It’s not about what I would like to do but there’s an obsession that you’ve got to climb the ladder all over again. There is no denying it’s different, player pool recruitment would be different, as would so many other things. I’ve got about 15 male members in my staff and yes. you have to manage egos but then I think females have egos too. It’s not about me specifically, but rather somebody giving anyone the opportunity – that, for me, is what’s still not happening. I’m sure if me or others had been offered the right job situations then they would be considered. but I’m certainly not going to sit around waiting for it. I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to remain in the women’s game and that’s the choice for now.”

The 47-year-old Hayes also asked what advice she would offer to young coaches in women’s game.

My tip for aspiring managers would be… Don’t do it! I would not recommend it and I mean it seriously! I would not recommend this job because I think it’s really tough at the top; it’s lonely, it’s really really hard, and it’s unsociable. You need a really good support network and the reason I say that – not to put people off – is that you have to recognise that you need all of those things in order to be successful. You have to get that right, so look after the people that support you in what you do, because without them you can’t do it.”

Sam Barton
Sam Barton
Sam Barton fell in love with football during the 98 World Cup and has been fascinated by it ever since. The tactical side of the game is what truly inspires him to think, read and write about football, making him the ideal football writer.


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